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You Crave Pain Relief, But How Much Does Our Acupuncture Treatment Cost?

Your quality of life is not what it should be if you suffer from joint or back pain, neck tension and headaches. You may need relief from allergies, digestive conditions, and eye strain or wish you had increased energy and enhanced mental clarity. Then again, how much does acupuncture cost at our Auckland CBD clinic and can you afford the treatment?

How Long Does Acupuncture Take and What Does the Healing Touch Clinic Charge?

Our charges depend on how long the acupuncture session takes. Our student rates are less than our regular prices. You do not need a referral to visit our clinic, and we are qualified to claim Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) subsidies for our patients. Please refer to our pricing page for further information on fees.
ACC provides injury and accident insurance cover for New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and visitors to the country. Everyone has coverage under the scheme, whether they were injured at work or outside of work.

How Is Acupuncture Done at Our Auckland Clinic?

Our acupuncturists use thin, solid, metallic needles to penetrate your skin at specific places and activate them through hand movements or electrical stimulation. We tailor our treatment to your needs.

  • When we apply the needle to one or more of the 361 acupuncture points – connected via 12 meridians or “energy pathways” on each side of the body – we balance the energy flow or Qi that stimulates the release of natural chemicals into the brain, spinal cord and muscles to combat the symptom or illness you experience.

  • Moreover, we may use infrared heat or moxibustion therapy plus cupping or suction as a part of how acupuncture is done. We employ Tui Na massage to target specific acupoints with our fingers and Gua Sha, which involves stroking your skin with a smooth-edged tool while pressing down to treat chronic pain.

Apart from relieving soreness, acupuncture may help improve sleep and emotional well-being because of the biochemical changes that occur after stimulating the central nervous system and the body’s natural healing abilities.

Neck Therapy

Other Healing Touch Clinic Remedial Services

Our chiropractors offer spine correction and can release pinched nerves to improve your posture, restore joint mobility and range of motion, and address various concerns such as migraines. Chiropractic can reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and relieve the discomfort caused by neck and spine injuries. Why not make an appointment or request more information?

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Healing Touch Clinic

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09 369 1313 / 027 318 3121

G3/2 Kitchener Street,
Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010



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